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The MEAs are recognized as one of the most influential award shows for mixed media, entertainment, and technology. Since we began, we've made it our goal to honor the innovation and leadership of these industries regardless of their strata, ranging from start-ups to international brands.

Each year, our finalists represent the very best in multi-platform innovation, revolutionary entertainment, and technological breakthroughs happening all around the world.


The MEAs do not just honor the companies behind these groundbreaking technologies. They celebrate the leaders of said companies, reminding the pivotal impact these individuals can have on the teams that are working tirelessly to improve and maintain the world we live in today. 


Be it a studio, brand, content provider, start-up, product, or something else entirely, it truly is an honor year after year to watch these rising stars launch and establish their places on the world stage as they rise to the top of their game.

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