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The Media Excellence Awards honors innovation and leadership in the mobile ecosystem to include the latest breakthroughs in media, technology, entertainment, and more.


Whether your company is a corporate giant or a start up, whether it's focused on sports or film, brand extensions, creating content or distributing said content across all platforms, it matters that you get recognized for all your hard work! With over 25 different awards in our program, we’ve made sure to give companies of all sizes, fields and skill sets a chance to shine!

But most importantly, with the ever-changing world of media and technology, we’ve always been quick to adapt, and we can’t wait to see the exciting submissions in store for the 15th Annual Media Excellence Awards in all of our categories, both old and new!

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Premier Awards
Submissions: List

Honored to a company that most successfully exchanged business in multiple countries, focusing on innovation or leadership by making a difference with technology.


Honored to the company that produced the most groundbreaking, informative, and thought provoking podcast based around the company's own ideas.


Honored to the company  who best produced, designed, or distributed casual, multiplayer, original linear narrative, non-linear interactive, or other formats of gaming that include eSports.

Games &

Honored to the company, service, or function that most effectively produced or delivered content for the top immersive or video experience.

Multi Media

Honored to the company who developed the most innovative user-generated or professionally-produced entertainment content, notably enhancing the consumer experience.


Honored to the company who best developed content as an extension or companion program/activity to a traditional TV series or feature film, fiction or non-fiction.


Honored to the company that best defined groundbreaking and innovative technologies that improved the way consumers interact with businesses, subsequently enhancing the conveniences of everyday life for all parties involved.


Honored to the most successful company with less than 5 years in business.


Honored to the company that best developed intuitive UI for the consumer experience, enabling users to seamlessly traverse that respective interface in pursuit of business, technology, or entertainment.


Honored to the company for the development of a mobile payment or cryptocurrency solution that most effectively allowed consumers or retailers to make transactions and pay for purchases.


Honored to the company  that best generated brand awareness and/or viral uptake of the message/offer through any multi-platform engagement for entertainment.

Related Marketing

Honored to the company that can most successfully track, predict, generate, deliver, package or demonstrate a full range of relevant analytics and data.

Analytics &
Big Data

Honored to the company who can best build, deliver, entertain and/or impact how consumers engage and interact with their homes or automobiles.


Honored to the company who best built or delivered news, weather, alerts, content management, files or other function that enables smoother interaction with a device, personal data or content.

Utility or

Honored to the company whose sports oriented engagement was most successfully developed for fans to experience or share via technology.


Honored to the company who best delivered, programmed, or created an immersive virtual reality experience that focuses on original storytelling, visual effects, or other exciting experiences.


Honored to the company that created, developed, and launched the most boundary-pushing product or service.

Breakout Trend
of the Year

Honored to the company that created the best mobile product  (including wearables) that enhanced the ability to entertain, communicate, or interact with any mobile device or screen.  

Physical products only.

Best Mobile

Honored to the company who most successfully created an application or technology that uses or provides AI.

Artificial Intelligence

Honored to the company that best built or delivered any form of entertainment to include lifestyle, fashion, events, travel, etc.


Honored to the company that best delivered, programmed, created, or enhanced a truly immersive experience to consumers through augmented reality.


Honored to the company who developed and pushed the envelope in Web3.0 to include most innovative technology, product, or user experience with the presence in the Metaverse and NFTs

Web3.0 Experience

Category Exclusive

Honored to the company that rose above the rest in their industry, effectively impacting their community through philanthropic and social campaigns or initiatives using technology.


Honored to the company that utilized a component of mobile technology to improve a community, ecosystem, or economic welfare.

Social Awareness

Honored to the finalist that proved to be most innovative and/or revolutionary in regards to entertainment or technological breakthroughs.

Industry Star

Honored to a senior level executive whose creativity, leadership, and perseverance was integral to the success of their respective organization in this past year.

Industry Leadership

Submissions: List


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